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Texting. Pics. Video.

Stay connected in all the ways you want to with nTelos messaging and data options. You can add the services below to create your ideal plan.

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Text and Pics Messaging

Send a quick hello by text or capture the moment with your picture messaging-capable phone - all without using your minutes. You can even send and receive video messages!

Per Message $0.20 each
300 Messages $4.99/month
1,000 Shared Messages * $9.99/month
2,000 Shared Messages * $14.99/month

Text to Landline destinations too. Address your text to landline destinations and have your messages delivered by voice. $0.20 premium per message. You will receive an opt-in message when you send your first landline message.

People that answer the Text to Landline call can reply to the message by recording a voice message. When you have a reply you will receive a text message alert. You can listen to the voice reply by calling the phone number included in the reply text message. To listen to the voice reply, simply callback the phone number in the message. Standard airtime rates apply.

Unlimited Text and Pics

With unlimited text and pics, you'll never miss another photo op. All our messaging and data options are available at one price, with no limits.

Single Line $9.99/month
Shared Line * $19.99/month

Unlimited Data for Phones

Single Line $9.99/month
Unlimited Family Plan * $19.99/month

Unlimited Data for Smartphones

Single Line $29.99/month * *
Unlimited Data for BlackBerry
(Personal use)
Unlimited Data for BlackBerry
(Business use)

Unlimited BlackBerry Tethering

Unlimited Tethering Data per BlackBerry $10.00/month

$1.99/MB usage without a Data Plan (EVDO)
$0.03/KB usage without a Data Plan (1X)

*Includes primary line and all additional lines
**Excludes BlackBerry Smartphones

nTelos Data Plans are designed for personal use only. nTelos reserves the right to terminate your service or change your plan if the service is used in an excessive manner (more than 5GB per month)

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