nTelos Wireless
why choose nTelos? nTelos wireless is provides DEPENDABLE NATIONWIDE COVERAGE, A FAST DATA NETWORK, and personalized FLEXIBLE CALLING PLANS that allow people to connect with each other and the world AT RATES WELL BELOW what the competition charges.
nTelos VS the competition
  • Dependable high-speed nationwide network
  • The latest devices and smartphones
  • More for your money – more data, more lines, more control.

But that's where the similarities end.

only nTelos offers you
  • Superior wireless plans that put you nControl
  • Knowledgeable, friendly, local customer service
  • Convenient retail locations near you
  • Unmatched pricing on smartphones – whether it’s iPhone or Android, you will save
  • Courteous overage alert text messaging before you exceed plan limits
  • 14-day coverage satisfaction guarantee

Compare cell phone plans and prices at nTelos to those of our competitors. We’ll give you a hint: you’re paying too much.

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high-speed, dependable NATIONWIDE COVERAGE brings everyone and everything a little closer together.
Adding simplicity to the best value in wireless, nControl lets you choose wireless services that meet you and your family's needs. From one line of service to twelve, this plan can be customized to offer you everything you want and nothing else.
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